Diablo 3 Beta Coming Soon?

diablo 3 beta

Blizzard is still being hush hush when it comes to details about the Diablo 3 beta, but that doesn’t stop the internet from discovering things and speculating.

The latest discovery is a Diablo 3 beta icon on battle.net.  This icon can be applied to user’s profiles after they take part in the beta test.  It hasn’t been applied to anyone yet (IE no closed beta testers have it), which means that it must be reserved for open beta testers to be.

As we previously reported, Blizzard has scheduled a press conference for early August to talk about Diablo 3.  The last time Blizzard held a similar event, it was about WoW Cataclysm and it contained an announcement that an open beta would be launching almost immediately.  We would not be at all surprised to see a similar announcement about the Diablo 3 Beta during the August press conference, and we would be shocked if we haven’t all had a taste of Diablo 3 via an open beta prior to September 30th of this year.

But the beta isn’t the only thing that may be coming soon.  The other big question up in the air is when will the full game be released.  Via some leaked schedules at Blizzard, we’ve discovered that the Diablo 3 full game release is still tentatively scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year.  Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime confirmed that the 4th quarter date was still their target, but also made it very clear that the game would not be released before it was ready.  Given Blizzard’s history, we fully expect a delay into next year.  Luckily, the beta should be here to help you pass the time.  Still no word on how the beta keys will be dispersed.

Diablo 3 Likely to Release in 2012

Diablo 3 Release Date

Diablo 3 has gone a long while since it’s announcement with no sign of a release date.  People have literally had no clue when it would release.  For a while there were rumors that it would drop in 2010, prior even to Starcraft 2.  Here we are though, almost half way through 2011, still without so much as a release date, much less the full game.  Back in 2009 when people were speculating a 2010 release, I don’t think any expected to still be this far out when mid-2011 hit.

But there appears to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel.  With internal beta testing underway and external beta testing likely to hit in the summer of this year, given Blizzard’s typical release schedule (usually about 6 months after the beta) it is likely that we’ll see Diablo 3 launch within the first half of 2012.

I know that the wait has been difficult, and it will likely only get even harder as we see more and more awesome footage and hear more and more awesome news about the game, but it’s nice to know that the day when we’ll finally be holding the full version of Diablo 3 in our hands is approaching, and we’re getting closer.

Besides, we’ve always got the Diablo 3 beta to hold us over in the meantime, right?