Diablo 3 Closed Beta is Underway!

D3 Beta

During last year’s Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 would have a beta.  This, as most Blizzard games do, would start with a closed beta.  Well, that is now underway, as some lucky folks are playing the Diablo 3 beta right now.

Unfortunately, a closed beta contains very limited access and short of being a Blizzard employee (or married to one, so get proposing!) there’s not really a way in.

Don’t fret though, because an open beta will be coming eventually that will have much broader and easier means of gaining entry, much like we saw with the Starcraft 2 beta which, in addition to tons of contests around the net, could be entered via simply preordering the game.

No details have come out yet as to how the Diablo 3 Beta is actually going for those lucky people that are playing it, but they’re likely restricted by very tightly wrapped NDA agreements which prevent them from talking about it publicly.  As much as we gamers like to use betas as demos, the true purpose behind a beta is to test the game, and that’s what’s going on right now behind closed doors at Blizzard.

Stay tuned for more details or any news about the public beta that the rest of us will get to be a part of!