100,000 More Diablo 3 Beta Invites Sent Out

100000 diablo 3 beta invites

This morning, Blizzard sent out 100,000 more Diablo 3 Beta updates to people that have opted in to the Blizzard beta program. So if you’ve signed up, get to checking your inbox ASAP! If you haven’t signed up yet or don’t know how, sign-up for our diablo 3 email updates and we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to opt-in so you can get a key on the next wave of invites.

If you missed it this time don’t worry because more invites will be going out soon.  Blizzard plans to continually send out updates and get as many people into the beta as they can.  If you did get an invite this time, stop reading and start testing!

Diablo 3 Beta Has Begun…Beware of Fake Giveaways

Diablo 3 Beta Keys

The Diablo 3 beta has officially begun, and Blizzard has sent out the first wave of beta keys to some lucky participants.  If you opted in to Blizzard’s beta testing program (which is required to qualify for a key) then you can go check your inbox for a key.

If digging through your inbox doesn’t sound like fun, an even safer way to check for your invite is to log into your battle.net account and see if the Diablo 3 Beta shows up under your list of games.

A word of caution.  Blizzard has not yet sent out any promotional beta codes so any site or email claiming to be giving away codes is a fake.  In general, any site that requires you to complete an action like a survey is just a scam,  and right now that extends to any site claiming to be giving away codes at all.  The only way you can get into the beta right now is for Blizzard to activate the game in your battle.net account.

If you didn’t get an invite, don’t jump off a virtual cliff just yet as the invites to the beta have only just begun.  Blizzard will soon be giving away promotional keys to sites like this one to use in contests, and there will be additional people added to the beta by Blizzard over time.  Beta invites have only just begun.

August 1st to Reveal New Diablo 3 Beta Details

Diablo 3 beta keys

If you’re like us and can’t help but track news about the Diablo 3 beta like it’s the most important thing in the world then you’ll want to make sure you’re glued to your computer on August 1st.

You see, towards the end of July Blizzard is hosting a private Diablo 3 Beta conference where they are expected to reveal a motherload of info about the beta.  This will likely include a release date as well as details about PvP, how long the beta will last, what exactly will be available in the beta, and much more (hopefully some Diablo 3 beta keys along with it!).

However, along with this information comes a media embargo that will prevent anyone from releasing these details to the public until August.  Since we’re not going to leave you hanging any longer than we have to, August 1st is the date we are targeting.

You may recall that Blizzard initially said that the beta would take place some time in Q3 of 2011.  That time span begins next week so we technically could have been playing the beta as early as then, but clearly that’s not the case.  We’ll all have to wait until at least August to get our hands on it, and the only thing we can be assured we’ll get in August is some more information which will almost certainly include a release date.  Of course, Blizzard is notorious for their delays so there’s no telling if they’ll make the targeted Q3 2011 date that they predicted several months ago, but at this point things are looking good in that respect, even if it’s twoards the end of Q3.

In the meantime, keep checking back from more info as it becomes available, as smaller details will likely slip out.  Either way though, whatever you do, make sure you’re here on August 1st to feast your eyes on the barrage of new beta news.