Diablo 3 Beta Keys

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  1. James Says:

    Just a real hardcore ex-diablo I and II player, with an old 99 amazon and 89 sorceror. Heh just hoping for a chance at playing the beta. Cheers

  2. Simon eriksson Says:

    Sup hater?

  3. troy murset Says:

    im a huge fan of the diablo series and pretty much anything blizzard has put out. ive also beta tested a few other games like rift. id be extremely grateful if i had the chance to play diablo 3 beta

  4. bjarke hansen Says:

    give me a key!

  5. Jesper Sørensen Says:

    Get me a key ;) !

  6. Jamie Chenylle-Procotr Says:

    Hello im really looking forward to this game and was really hoping to get a little early hands on as i simply cannot wait for this awsome game :)

  7. B.Smith Says:

    Really loved Diablo 2, would like to see what the third will be like and if it is worth purchasing.

  8. dante Says:


  9. Jeanette Says:


  10. Adandu Says:

    Where can we get a betakey? I haven’t received one from Blizzard atm.

  11. Emrah Uzumer Says:

    I wanna play diablo beta. How can i do that? İ am waiting your answer..

  12. Kari Korhonen Says:

    i am huge diablo fan and i will die if i dont get beta key :<<<

  13. Nickie Says:

    I really want to try the beta

  14. Chad Mitchell Says:

    Im ready!!!!!!!!

  15. Fannelle Says:

    Hello , i can’t wait to test this game … Please send me a key :)

    And have a nice day , thinking to the beautiful gift you have made to a geek mother :)

  16. Patrick Rønning Says:

    plz i really need a key

  17. Pim Says:

    The screens and media on the site look amazing would really love to play the beta to test the game. keep up the progress! :D

  18. Alexus Says:

    Chers guys, looking forward to crush some zombies!

  19. Jared Says:

    I’ve played the Diablo series since the first Diablo came out. I love this game! I want a beta key!

  20. Fyper Says:


  21. Anders moen Says:

    Hi, i really want a key, been waiting for this game in ages… :D

  22. Alex Says:

    I would love a beta key to test this great game..pls.

  23. chorristo Says:

    i must have a key give me one :D

  24. troheeps Says:

    I am newbie in Diablo but this third seems to be amazing good looking game so I’d like to try it.

  25. ezY Says:

    would be glad to get a key. Im used to beta testing and good at sending feedback also I would just love if I could help with a single thing in daiblo 3.

    Diablo was the first game I ever played when I was a kid and I just got stuck I really love these games :)

  26. Kalle Says:

    Im a huge fan of the diablo series. You would make 2011 the best year ever, if I got a beta key!

    please :)

  27. Bubonic Says:

    OMG i have been waiting for this very day would very much so love a beta key :P <3

  28. Tobias Says:

    If you will not give me key, I will call the ûber-brothers to force you

  29. humZzii Says:

    I’m serious, and doing influence in relationships.

    So… could u please give me “one” of these hundreds betakeys?

    What is to do? I mean, we do all know that so many people are waiting for this. Where’s the qualification to get “ONLY ONE OF THESE F****** RARE BETAKEAYS!?!?!??!?!?!”?

  30. Viktor Alexandersson Says:

    I would love a beta key! Send me on if you want:)
    And hav a nice day!

  31. Martin Jakobsen Says:

    Hello i have seen the new game and it look awesome, and i wil love to get a beta key for trying the game early

  32. worm Says:

    LF key! trading rainbows!

  33. gsgsdg Says:

    i loveh ow nice you all act when you need something but i bet when youp lay the game probably a bunch of A-holes and D-heads

  34. Jay Says:

    I’m ready to beta test!!!!!

  35. BsWilk Says:

    wher is my beta key :D give it to me ;) i cant wait

  36. Diablo Beta testers Says:

    5 crazy Diablo fans waiting for beta or release :)

  37. KyKiskeMT Says:

    I can not live diablo! Save me please~~give me a key please. i love diablo.

  38. DevileR Says:

    I want the key, cause i’m a man

  39. Benjamin Says:

    Third year computer engineering student. Would really love a key for the beta. Got experience in beta testing from other games.

  40. Armerose Says:

    Look, I was playing diablo scince Playstation 1. Most people dont even know it came OUT for Playstation. I played it when I was a kid, I played it when I was a teen, and me and 5 other guys were playing it in iraq religousley as grown men. I would greatly enjoy a key blizzard.

  41. Seb Says:

    please give me a key

  42. Glenn Says:

    All here are diablo fans so I wont say please and beg and stuff.

    I would really like the BETA key and i would appreciate if you would be so kind and give it to me:)

  43. Dan Says:

    I’d really like a key since Ive played D1 and D2, a real hardcore fan had a 80 hammardin with some nice gear, I’m not going to go all asskissing for this key I just hope to get one :p

  44. tehsnou Says:

    Please give me a beta key.

  45. Samzon9 Says:

    i frikkin loove the diablo series ! i must get my hands on a beta key! where u get it ? any more places than signing up for one at blizzard?

  46. Andrew Says:

    I would love a key! Will do anything for one!

  47. chembros Says:

    Loved D2. Can’t wait to play D3!

  48. jordan Says:

    please give me a key i have seen the yogscast play it and i really want one!

  49. matthew Says:


  50. Jonny Says:

    What to say, hmmmm.I guess ill say i am a blizzard fan boy, played all of their games, was a hardcore diablo 2 player and would love a beta key.

  51. Peter Says:

    May i have a Beta key please ;)

  52. Nikoli Hall Says:

    Please, Please i want a key so bad:’(

  53. Martin Classon Says:

    LET’S DO THIS! HARDCORE! Please send me a key! GOGO THANKS!

  54. Mychael Jones Says:

    I am new to Diablo, and would like to jump into this game. Where can I get a key!

  55. monono Says:

    give a keyyyyyy Im ready to playyyy!!!

  56. Anthony Says:

    I can haz key pweese?

  57. M. Dybowski Says:

    hi there Blizzard, I am yours big fan from Poland and I can not to wait for D3, I love Diablo and I hope that you give me a beta key :) thanks a lot for all amazing games you already done !! good job !

  58. Nocturnal Says:

    I think my name will suit up well with D3 , so pls give me a key ! .. joking , just want a d3 key :) )

  59. geezus Says:

    d3 beta key pls ;) im realy lookin forward to play d3 can’t wait any longer

  60. Dess Says:

    Please give me a beta key. been a Diablo player for a dozen years so pretty please, give me a beta key :D

  61. Jonas Says:

    I would love a key, cant wait for this game to get out. Im a D2 veteran and x-wow gamer thru many many years. I’ve put alot of money into blizz:)

  62. tom bensing Says:

    I am a Diablo nut, please send me a Key!!!!!!!!!!

  63. orcun Says:

    Hey ,give me key plssss

  64. Dennis G Says:

    Oldschool D1 + D2 player.

    I have a highendgaming laptop wich I think would be nice for you to have your game tested on.


  65. Burgerpower Says:

    I would really love to have a beta key! I’ve been waiting for the release :)

  66. M4rCuS Says:

    Give me a key please :D

  67. Neon Pau Says:

    I want a D3 Beta Key… :|

  68. Jessica Says:

    Please i’dl like to get a key! I played Diablo I & Diablo II Now i WANT Diablo III =D

  69. Necromaster999 Says:

    Well… Yust a guy who want beta to try game :D Have 2 years skill in diablo whit Necromancer and Assassin. Hoping for beta :D Blizz <3 love ya for WoW and Wc RoC and TFT

  70. Zrink Says:

    Hi, I would please like a prestart on Diablo 3 Beta:)

  71. Mark Says:

    I want a key too!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Vagner Says:

    well, I play since I was like 8 years old. From warcraft to diablo, everything that blizzard has to offer. Now i’m with 23 yo, i’d like the chance to play d3 first, since i’m waiting for it for more than 10 years… since the release of d2! thank u, in advance.

  73. Eristoff Says:

    Give a key

  74. Chin Chiller Says:

    Game looks great!! I chance to see it would be awesome

  75. Emil Johansson Says:

    i been waiting for a game like this forever, something new rpg to explore and just have a great time while playing, really hope i can get a beta key, would be really happy but if i dont i wont cry. best regards emil gogo blizz!

  76. Senzi Says:

    Plase send me a BETA-Key :)

  77. Tomas Says:

    My wife would like to have a key please

  78. Psyco. Says:

    I want a D3 Beta key :)

  79. Teetu Brar Says:

    Please give me Diablo 3 key. I used to play Diablo 2 day and night and I really love the series.

  80. simi Says:

    beta key pls

  81. Nyancat Says:

    Would really be gratefull if you could give me a D3 beta key. I’m a great fan of the Diablo sieres and i just dont wanna miss this Beta. It’s gonna be crazy!^_^

  82. RadwanFBI Says:

    i just need a key i want one please please please

  83. Lauri Says:

    Im a huge fan of D1 and D2. Would love to help you as a closed beta tester.

  84. Suvy Says:

    would love a beta key, played the orignal diablo, loved it! and diablo 2 was amzing still play it todate, definatly going to get diablo 3, and would love the beta key to get keep up with my diablo addiction!!

  85. Anthony Says:

    Key for me too please?

  86. N3RD Says:

    Same here!

  87. Kriz1988 Says:

    Need too a beta key for D3

  88. Abdulla Alnoaimi Says:

    i want diablo III beta key please

  89. Rasmus Says:

    hey can i please get a key :)

  90. aske Says:

    give me a key please

  91. stepanle Says:

    I want beta KEY VERY VERY VERY HARD!
    PLEASE 8)

  92. GenQuake99 Says:

    I think it would be awesome to get my hands on a D3 beta key. Played D2 & D2:LoD for like 8 years straight. Best hack & slash dungeon crawler around. So awesome, you can tell others tried to emulate the setup.

  93. Oskar Says:

    Please give me a Beta key. I`ve been waiting for years now 8o)

  94. OurLucidDream Says:

    plz send me a key >_<

  95. Daniel k Says:

    i want please can i get key :)

  96. Ryan Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game for ages, the anticipation is palpable.. If someone could just give me a key and end my suffering that’d be appreciated. n_n

  97. Tyon Says:

    Please give me a Diablo III key :(

  98. scotty Says:

    please send me a beta, been waiting so long ((:

  99. Bradley Big Sho Says:

    I have all the blizzard products
    and D2 LOD is my all time favorite game. I would like to feel like part of the team by getting to beta test it and putting in my input that’s it…..
    D3 sooo is close

  100. max yee Says:

    long time diablo fan. i want a d3 beta key

  101. Kenny Meredith Says:

    I’d love a key. :D

  102. big steve Says:

    diablo 2 is my favorite game and i am friken dying to see what diablo 3 is like it looks badass
    can i have a key??

  103. Remi Gaudet Says:

    ive played d2 for over 5 years love it. id love a key

  104. Shawn Says:

    i am a HUGE FAN of the Diablo series, 3words: I LOVE DIABLO, i wish to have a beta key

  105. Shawn Says:

    I want a D3 beta Key please !!! D3 is the bomb

  106. Glen Says:

    I really love diablo 1 and 2 i bought the battlechest times!!!i want to play this beta so BAD!!! please

  107. Arie Says:

    I want a D3 Beta Key Please :D

  108. djpito Says:

    please a beta key

  109. Johnny Says:

    Ihave been playing Diablo 2 over and over and over and over and over again so it would be fun to try out the new Diablo 3

  110. mendeskt2 Says:

    I want a beta key, please! :D

  111. TomSuddenDeath Says:

    Giveeee mee woohooooooo

  112. kostas Says:

    I m hoping to get a key on my hands, I ve being waiting a long time for this game :)

  113. Lion Says:

    I, would be awsome to get a beta key.
    Looking for it every day.
    Been waiting for 11 years now !

  114. The__J__man Says:

    Would love to have a try of the D3 beta. Will be better upon release date though ;)

  115. stephane Says:

    Ayoye!!!!! jvien de voir que le beta est sorti grace a Mr.net im 32 year old fan of blizzard…particulary at diablo !!!! im gonna have a day off of work just to go buy the first sample of it and play all the day !

  116. Zenius Says:

    Heya, want a beta key :) thanks

  117. ALI Zafar Says:

    Hi…. big fan from Pakistan. Please give me a key. there is no way for me to play this even when this is released here in South asia because of the online thingy. So how about helping out a fellow Diablo fan…:-)

  118. Mazzir Says:

    I with my father love Diablo series. We have all of Blizzard games on us battle.net account. We are big fans of Diablo and other Blizzard games. We want to get a D3 beta key because we are waiting a few years for relase of this game and we want to play this now :) Thanks.

  119. Breeze Says:

    Need Beta o soj + add

  120. Matt Says:

    Beta key please, cant wait for this game to come out. Big fan!

  121. alecs Says:

    give me a key please

  122. Adam Says:

    Been waiting patiently for beta checking e-mail religiously and dont think ill get lucky enough for the opt in. I’ve played diablo 2 for years and would love to try out this one out. If this site gets any beta keys I’d love to have one :)

  123. Cole Says:

    can i have a beta key please, i have been waiting for this game forever!

  124. Michael Alexander Says:

    level 99 sorcerer, diablo 1 and 2 player, please give me a beta key :)

  125. Phreshy Says:

    Heyo, i need a key and the beta to begin.

  126. Dylan Says:

    Big fan of D1 and 2 and expansion here.
    Burned a couple of years with those.


  127. Peter Says:

    I have gamed diablo sence d1 came. I have always been a die hard fan of the game. I would love to try d3

  128. UzzI Says:

    please give me a key

  129. Drama Says:

    I’d love a key. Why? I’m an experienced diablo 2 player who both have time and a computer capable too play your game.


  130. XaxaS Says:

    Just finish diablo 1 again…. and re playing diablo 2. So please give me a Beta key pretty please?

  131. Luca Says:

    i Want a D3 Beta key! :D im a HUGE diablo and blizzard fan!

  132. Todd Says:

    I’d like a key sohard!

  133. Gigel Says:

    how can i get a diablo 3 beta key ?

  134. Sleven Says:

    I think i would be a good tester for yall. I have been in many beta’s before and am very good at feedback

  135. Hetrick Says:

    get me a key please

  136. Kimathi Johnson Says:

    I am an rpg and diablo veteran and im really hoping to experience the game soon

  137. leatherface Says:

    gimme key PLX!

  138. Davidson Says:

    What to say… Checking my battle.net account every day and hoping i’ll find out blizzard has decided to give me a invite to test the game hasn’t really yet made a difference…:(

  139. Gabrielle Says:

    Est-ce que quelqu’un pourrais me donner une key stp :D <3
    Mercii (L)<3

  140. adrian Says:

    i just want the key to play beta pls….by the way tommorow is my birthday it will be a nice gift diablo 3 is the single game i am waiting for i just bought a new pc to make sure i will plat d3 in great condition so please i want a cd ker

  141. oeduardosegura Says:


  142. Superballs24 Says:

    PLEASEEEE MY FRIENDS. send me a key because just like the rest of you im in love with the diablo series. just beat it again with 4 lvl 80+ chars. i NEEEEED to try out Diablo 3. Send me a key pleaseee

  143. Justin Says:

    im not sure what to say about now. but Man come on i so wanna play this. i’ve been watching game plays. and im super pumped. i don’t have my battle net acount no more because i’ve been hacked soo many time and lost it i just got tired but i still play diablo 2. and i am a RPG GAMer so please. im hoping to experience the game as soon as possible.

  144. Helping Says:

    Yo ima big fan of diablo series and D2 was unreal im psycked for D3. Please give me a beta key.

  145. diego melo Says:

    hook it up my nigah!

  146. wilZon Says:

    Play to 99 with em all in D2X…hoping to get a key preez

  147. John Says:

    Really looking forward for D3. Beta key would really be appreciated.

  148. Sven Says:

    Really hope to get a key, pretty new to diablo, but cant wait to get my hands on it!

  149. Brandon Says:

    For God’s sake give me a key for beta. I’m about to leave for my tour of duty and go to Afghanistan. I would do anything to play before i left!

  150. Hawker Says:

    I’m playing this game from 1st version and i’ll very glad to play beta and help to test game.

  151. Ron Says:

    I’d love a key please.

  152. archie Says:

    Pls give me diab lo key i can die for one this is serious..please send me a key..!!!

  153. Karlo Says:

    i want key also thank you ^^

  154. Craig Says:

    Hey guys and girls. Like everyone else I am longing to play this game. Have missed Diablo. Have played them all until I knew every pixel on the screen. Started on PC, went to PS, back to PC and so on. Have even set up VM Ware on my WIN 7 system to play again. I would love a key

  155. zeed Says:

    key plz!!!

  156. Nyarlathotep Says:

    Never played Diablo, would like to change that with the Diablo 3 Beta :D

  157. Frenkk Says:

    Key pleaseeee, i can’t wait to play this gamee :)

  158. Photodr Says:

    10 YEARS i have been waiting for the release of the next greatest game of my life.. Everyone said Call of Duty Modern Warfare… decent.. Absolutely nothing compared to the Diablo series. Mind numbing. Played WOW for over a year just to get my Blizzard fix. Been checking blog sites every time i am on a browser on MBP, iPad, and my smartphone. I am not trying to beg just showing my love for the game and would greatly appreciate the time to test and give my “2cents” on the next greatest game of my life…cheers..

  159. amen Says:

    key plz

  160. Waha Says:

    get me a key please

  161. Adam Says:

    How do you go about getting a beta key for D3? This has been long awaited I’d love a first peek.

    I remember making maps for Starcraft and playing Diablo 2 inside and out for years and thinking I wonder if I can get a job doing this after high school?

    Ended up going to college for software engineering and level design (same school as Erin who you guys snagged for Battle.net) now I’m a graphics programmer and founded my own startup game studio.

  162. axel Says:

    hi i would really love to get a key, i have been looking forwards to this for ages!

  163. Robert Says:


  164. imperfectscab Says:

    Very excited to play this. Any information on obtaining a key would be greatly appreciated. Peace.

  165. Curt S Says:

    Looking for a key thanx

  166. Ricky Says:

    I would love to test out this beta to let you guys know what I think about it. Please let me have the key for it.

  167. DIABLO Says:

    I’d love a key please.

    I pay you what you want ;-}

  168. jolson pease Says:

    hey i am a huge blizzard fan and i was hoping i could test out diablo 3 beta. it looks amazing and i would love to have the key =P thanks

  169. azazel Says:

    hello give me a key plz , i am a great beta tester

  170. Fei Says:

    I need a key plz, would teaste that !

  171. Leena Says:

    I haven’t played Diablo in a long time, would love the opportunity to see how it compares to what I remember of it…

  172. Joel Says:

    Absolutley loved diablo II and played it for years. Been looking forward to diablo 3 for a while now and hoping I could get an early taste of it. It would be great to be part of the beta. =)

  173. SandCastle Says:

    Please give me a diablo 3 key, today is my birthday.)

  174. alexander Says:

    i would like a key please. thank you

  175. Njuso Says:


  176. KaYo Says:

    pls give diablo key:))))))

  177. zork the destroyer Says:

    i have maxed out every class on diablo 2 and maxed out warrior and sorceror on diablo 1 and beaten hellfire on monk and warrior. i am a huge fan of diablo series and i need a key for diablo 3, i have been waiting for diablo 3 ever since i first beat diablo 2 which was 8 years ago. pls give me a key.

  178. Willis Says:

    Not giving me a key is just stupid. Im gonna play the shit outta this game haha HAHAHA! HAAAA!!!!!

  179. YoJohnny Says:

    Come one guys, i am from winter Russia, please give me a key

  180. EarlJustinLaforga Says:

    I’m addicted to diablo 1 and 2 series. i love playin it with necromancer then when it comes to mephisto i have fun killing him with archer ^_^.. hope i can get one of those beta key..

  181. eben Says:

    plz give me a key i have been playing diablo since i was 3 love the game!

  182. JLUU Says:

    Been a big fan of Blizzard ever since I played Starcraft. Would be nice to try out D3 in its beta phase!


  183. Idris Says:

    Hello. I’m a huge fan of diablo 3. I would really like to try out the beta test.


  184. felix Says:

    Please give me a key. Thank you.

  185. Gigole Says:

    Please allow me to test this game out for you, Ive been waiting on it since Diablo II and I had many years of fun playing that game.

  186. Nikolai Says:

    i would like to play beta test version of diablo 3, give me a key please. Thank You.

  187. don Says:

    I have reached lvl 99 on both diablos and would wish to at lest play the game i have been waiting on for 8 yrs. send me the code

  188. Gabriel Says:

    Pls give me diab lo key !! I loved this game !!!! \o/

  189. Jensen Says:

    Send me a key!! I love diablo too much to not be playing!

  190. Tom Says:


  191. Alex Says:

    Diablo 3 actually makes me horny, I would love to be involved in the beta, I think I could contribute some insightful feedback.

  192. Alex Says:

    ^^ Also I should have stated that I am female, so giving me a beta-key you would be doing a favor to all men. XD

  193. Sorin Says:

    Looking forward to test the beta…

  194. joel86 Says:

    another fan…key pls!

  195. Daniel Says:

    I am a fan of Diablo and I’m waiting this game for a long time…. a beta key would really be appreciated…. please!!!

  196. Xander Says:

    Can i get a key pl0x?

  197. Rik Says:

    I would like to test if i’m the chosen one. Need beta key to find out :( puppy eyes)

  198. Blizzardd Frreeaaakkk Says:

    OMG a beta key! i heard such a thing from a website! i would love to test the beta and play it and see how far u guys have progressed it would b an honor to play it :) plz send me a beta key. thank you.

  199. Hristo Says:

    please can i get a beta key? i have been waiting too long for this game and cant afford to wait anymore!i checked so many websites about the game and i just wanna taste the demon hunter!

  200. Craig Says:

    I’m almost 50 and haven’t ever been so excited for a new toy !!! Even as a kid at Christmas I wasn’t THIS excited !!!! Please BETA me !!!

  201. David B Says:

    Long time Diablo II player, currently vested in WoW and looking for a new outlet. Serious gamer, skilled player who learns and adapts quickly. Beta me please!

  202. Shane Says:

    Need a key!!

  203. Paul Ocampos Says:

    Please, give me a key…All players from Brazil thank you! :)

  204. Dennison Gaetz Says:

    Hardcore Blizzard fan, and have been looking for a key for a long time now. Please help me out =)

  205. RICHIZ Says:

    beta key!!!!can i have one please?

  206. Alex E Says:

    Please hook me up with a D3 key I will play this game till my eyes bleed! Haha jk, but seriously I will put it to great use :)

  207. Louis Says:


    As a fan of your Diablo saga for a while, I would be very glad to be part of you beta testing program.
    Is it still possible ?
    Many thanks.

  208. sLix Says:

    I would like to get a key, please :)

  209. Eddie Says:

    Would love to start testing D3, find some bugs that other haven’t.

  210. Kike Says:

    I’ve been busy for last two years, but now I’m willing to play some diablo3, please give me a key! – I’m really looking forward to get D3 as soon as “it’s done” :)

  211. Matt Says:

    I know I am a bit late but Diablo is by far my favorite series in the world and I would kill to give a chance to be able to test it out right now. :) thank you

  212. chad myers Says:

    Hello bizzard! plz give me a key show i can show all these noobs how to dominate your realm. Ive played all your diablo games scens the beginning! I reached lvl 99 with every lvl class in your last game and I have a top notch comp system to run your beta on. I run an Alienware with up to date specs. If you choose me i would be galde to send you my spec list on my comp. Once again plz let me show you what i can do. Thanks chad.

  213. Paul Says:

    Been Playing Diablo since Diablo I, would love to help beta test if possible. Thanks for your consideration.

  214. Xenowoolf Says:

    i was at the gamescom in Köln Germany and i w8 4 hours to play my all time favorite game for just 20 min but it was worth of it and i will be glad if i get one of this unique beta keys :) sorry for my bad english :( .

    anyway.i hope i get one

    greetings from germany


  215. Daniel Says:

    Just let me say I love all things Blizzard especially Diablo. :)
    Please give me a key I will report any bugs right away. :D Thanks!

  216. dicklwon Says:

    i’ve been waiting for the launch of D3 after playing the D2 a decade ago. really looking forward to experience the D3 with all those new features as well as the system setting. please send me a key for my first hand experience.

  217. Kong Karl Says:

    I have never had the Diablo game but I have watched people play it and I would like to try it to.
    Hopefully I’ll get a key for this??? :)

  218. Watchman Says:

    Give me a key, i really want it. please:)

  219. kyodrako Says:

    i would love a beta key i love dialbo

  220. E7ern4l Says:

    While I was a kid at elementary school i played Diablo (passed game on hell with all 3 characters), than when i start highschool I played Diablo 2 (passed game on hell with all characters, i remember that summer, I only left my house like 2 days from July-October, it was literaly all day Diablo 2, spent time only to eat 2 times a day, crap, piss, and take a shower. I was waiting Diablo 3 for 11 long years. I implore you give me a key.

  221. asdf00 Says:

    If I don’t get diablo 3 beta key I think I’ll get cancer.

  222. Miltos Says:

    Hi, i would like a beta key please so I can test the gameplay…

  223. and4riel Says:

    Diablo is the best game ever!! I’ve played both D1 & D2 start to finish, tis time for #3! Please let me have a beta key :) Thanking you in advance :)

  224. Kimmo Says:

    Plzz Key :)

  225. Shinon Says:

    I just want to know if my computer is up for d3 or if i have to buy a new one :P . Then ofc i want to try the beta version.


  226. foks Says:

    Im a diablo 1 and 2 lover , done it with all classes throw normal , nightmare and hell. Really wating for a chance to try it after so many years . Would love a key . Thank you

  227. Xenor Says:

    Please I want to be in the diablo 3 beta because I’m a huge fan of the diablo universe.
    I want to try the monk at first because this class loos like a lot of fun, and share the beta
    with my brother because videos games made our bound stronger. Thank you guys for this opportunity!
    It’s an awesome contest.

  228. Analog-X64 Says:

    Would love to take the Beat 3 out for a test drive.

    I still have my Diablo I and II CD’s and expansion set.

  229. Raizee Says:

    E7ern4l, you need to get a life.

  230. Niklas Says:

    Would love getting a key please! :)

  231. crimsonrunsthrume Says:

    Would like a key as well; versed in some dev work

  232. NewtsFtw Says:

    Never played Diablo before but its looks sexy and I want to. I want to try it out before I even THINK about buying it, so now’s my chance lemme at it!@@@

  233. chakra Says:

    I would love a key! I’m soooo super excited for this game… have been waiting for a super long time!

  234. Warax Says:

    Diablo 3.

  235. Equito Says:

    Omg, cant wait any longer This will be so good I want a beta key omg ! :D

  236. Enrath Says:

    I am a Norwegian GameStop Store manager and I truly would be amazing to be able to play the beta and giv som feedback to all the customers.

  237. Ad Quintero Says:

    Hola disculpen solo asi podremos jugar Diablo 3 beta, si ustedes nos dan una Key y pedirla aqui?? o existe alguna otra manera?

  238. James Miles Says:

    Hello im an old Diablo fan i played diablo 1 and 2 and i would love to have Diablo 3 Beta Key if you still have them.

    James Miles

  239. InsaneZaine Says:

    Ooo I love diablo, I’ve played both 1 and 2 and simply loved them and I would be super pleased if i got a key.

  240. Daniel Eliasson Says:

    Would really like a beta key :)
    D3 will rock!

  241. zok Says:

    played diablo and diablo 2 and ever other pvp game what’s been out,please send me a key i’ll kill them all.

  242. Gary freeman Says:

    I hated the first 2, think yas should let me in on the beta to change my mind;)

  243. Alexandr Says:

    I need key

  244. Alexandr Says:

    i love Diablo 1 2 3

  245. yamiargent Says:

    i’m a new player : i never play diablo before but i want to play diablo 3

  246. Ace Says:

    I’ve been a Blizz fan since the 90′s! I would love to test this game and just be apart of the never ending progress that Blizz keeps putting out on the market!

  247. Harout Says:

    Been waiting to play Diablo 3 for a long time, would love to be a beta tester for it :)

  248. Thomas D Says:

    Hey big fan of diablo, Im 23 so I have played both Diablo, and Diablo II. My fav being Diablo II, mostly because I like the paladin in that one. I hope to be able to test out the beta and see the similarities and differences from the older versions.

  249. Emmett_Brown Says:

    Great looking game. Can’t wait to play it.

  250. Skorpan89 Says:

    Dedicated Blizzard fan from sweden who have waited for this for a long time, almost as painful as the wait for SC2 ;D

  251. Muilu Says:

    Key, please :)

  252. Spartan3399 Says:

    I’d like a Beta Key Please :)

  253. Robert Maaring Says:

    Is ther eany change to get a key please ? Was a hardcore fan of D2 ! Thanks !

  254. Hardcore Diablo gamer Says:

    Spent months and months on the original D1 and D2. Please help me help you, and pass a beta key this way :D

  255. pau Says:

    i need a key pls

  256. srobes Says:

    I purchased Diablo 1 and 2 the days they each respectively were released. I still play Diablo 2. I would love a beta key for the 3rd!

  257. drock Says:

    would like to try

  258. Mr. Pwnage Says:

    I’ll need a key since i am the best diablo player here. So give it to me.

  259. M Miner Says:

    As blizzard has always stated, they hope for the best game play possible. I too wish for the best game play possible for the public. Who cares If I am the best? Who cares who is the best. I hope that Diablo 3 will be just as pleasing as its decedents.

    I would play to make sure that every one else will wish to play.

  260. nycionx Says:

    I would like a beta D3 key too please! Thanks:)

  261. Dinu Says:

    give beta key please been waiting for a long time for this:x

  262. 1Stab Says:

    i love diablo 1 and 2 can i please get a key .

  263. Teng Xiong Says:

    i need a cd key beta please!

  264. RScorpio Says:

    I’ve waited about three weeks to see what others would write. I’m afraid that they all deserve a key more than I do.
    I’ve seen no reaction from Holland though. Here’s one. Perhaps that gives me a change.

  265. Erik Says:

    Hello, my name is Erik. I still play diablo 2 , because it is a best game on world and i want try to play the 3rd. So, please send me beta key. BLIZZARD da best :)

  266. Erik Says:

    DIABLO the best :) ))) <3

  267. Walt Says:

    I have been a blizz fan since I was a kid. I played Diablo I and II Starcraft I and II and World of Warcraft through Cataclysm. I would love to be a part of the Diablo 3 beta. I have never been given a beta key to any games and would love to start now. Thanks.

  268. Toma Eduard Daniel Says:

    Give me please

  269. 1stab Says:

    I have Diablo 1 and 2,Hey i am a big fan of diablo.the best of the best of the best XD .. Can i please please have a key . ty

  270. Abrakadabra Says:

    Can’t wait for the release!

  271. Nonni Says:

    Hello team ;)

    Me and my friends wait of this game and we hope we can it play at the beta this is a dream :)

    We played diablo II over 10 years and wait of diblo III…

    Beta pls…

  272. banecrushr Says:

    As like most above me I am wanting to be in on the beta. Not sure what the qulifications are to get one…..? Any response would be greatly appreciated!

  273. Wolfe420 Says:

    I played d2 to the brink of dawn, wonder where d3 with take me, Id love a key please and thank you!

  274. Yabbo Says:

    As everyone else here i would ofc love to get into the beta, but can’t say i’ve been lucky with keys in the past so my guess is that i will have to wait a little while longer ;)

  275. Alexander Says:

    I would like the beta key, tot try the diablo III out, I am still playing diablo II and i am going to report any bug that i will encounter, also i am going to buy the game when its going to get released..

  276. ShomiSRB Says:

    Plx can I get D3 beta key so I can say my friends that they are noobs :) ‘cos I have some important friends in Bliz

  277. brunwald Says:

    dota2beta tester dota1 beta tester wanna help you grow and make diablo3 into the best game :)

  278. Matthew Says:

    Big big d2 fan. Played for 4 years before moving. I was like a fat kid on it. Can sodas and pizza barely ever getting out the chair. Would love to test the newest addiction to my life. Send key please.

  279. Flamur Says:

    Hey, i will appreciate if you would give me a beta key. I have Played WoW GW + expansion packs but never really diablo I would love to buy it but i can never just trust “the reviews” so i will LOVE it if you would give me a key to diablo 3


  280. suqijin Says:

    can i have a beta keys pls. i love diablo

  281. zerkans Says:


  282. Fake Says:


  283. JFB324 Says:

    Been playing Diablo since 1997. Would like to test Diablo 3 beta.

  284. Jonas Says:

    Diablo 3 looks insane, and i would love to try it out!

  285. Ziga Says:

    give me a key please

  286. Robert Says:

    Hey,can u give me a key plz?

  287. Showtek Says:

    aaah diablo 3, i have spent so many sleepless nights for this and would be wery happy get key on diablo 3 beta im true fan down from dieablo 1 & 2.

  288. RarePirate Says:

    I would love to try the beta, and help you guys out. I loved diablo 1 and 2.

  289. Lorenzo Flux Says:

    I always played games like diablo 1 and 2 and even other gameslike diablo i like to play diablo 3 cuz i had to wait for serveral years and i want to see how the gameplay feeling is and i hope it feels like all other blizzard games thanks :D

  290. Mymy Says:

    I Cannot Wait For It! I Started Play Diablo When I Was Like 6 Years Old :D So I Have To Get It I Have Played Diablo`s Like 9 Years :D I Cant Sleep!!!!

  291. Bobby Says:

    I am an ex diablo 1 player and a current diablo 2 player and have been playing diablo for years and years now. Ive been waiting for diablo 3 release to come and it is finally near which i am excited about. I would like a chance to have a preview of what diablo 3 will be like for when it will be released. Thankyou

  292. Stephan Teissere Says:

    Hi. Would love to get my hand on a Beta-key! Hardcore D1 and D2 player here =)

  293. Mark D Says:

    I want to play it too. I want beta key please. I want to learn more about the story like 1 and 2 was.

  294. Johannes Benavi Says:

    I’m a hardcore beta tester, i test all new games probably, a beta key to my favorite game of all time would be wonderfull, many thanks for doing this :)

  295. Daniel Anderson Says:

    Hello, a beta key would be the awesomness stuff evvvaaa!! cant wait anymore!!! please send ^^

  296. Johannes Benavi Says:

    I’m a hardcore beta tester, i’ve tested probably all new games this year that have some kind of big title, a beta key to my all time favorite game serie would be awesome!

  297. Route9 Says:

    Big fan of the diablo series here ! In fact I just got done running through Diablo II w/expansion a few weeks ago in anticipation for this HUGE release !! PICK ME PLEASE ! I would absolutely love to give this one a test run before its released and i cant find it anywhere !

  298. Nick Amann Says:

    i would like a key please thank you(:

  299. Claire Says:

    i am the #1 diablo fans ! and i lOvE D2 i play all time since 4 years all days i cant stop thinking of D3, now we have a BETA test, i really need this key for playing, i deserve it !! wow i whant to die for this game !!!!!

  300. Dylan Says:


  301. CrazyPig Says:

    You need some representation from the AARP crowd. I’m 53, own 3 copies of D2, and 2 of D2X, bought a second computer just so I could game locally with a friend from work. Finished nightmare with half a dozen different characters.

  302. BG Says:

    Excellent. I would love to get a Beta key, been playing since Diablo 1 …. Thanks!

  303. tuskandtemper Says:

    May I please have an invite to play the beta? I just read that it was online.. I would relish at an opportunity to play it and give feedback. :)

  304. Stanley Says:

    Yo blizzard! I’m really into your Diablo line and I’d be down to try your D3 beta. I got nothing to do at home anyways. Good luck with release. Ciao

  305. Kent Says:

    Can’t wait! :D I’m so excited about DIII, been playing DI and DII back in the days, and they were awesome!

  306. CameraFlyer Says:

    please please gimme a key, or else I will drown a kitten.
    no j/k I’d never do that but I NEED A KEY!!!!11

  307. SmellyLlama Says:

    For a beta key I would be eternally grateful and willing to work with your site to submit any sort of information the site and/or organization would be interested in.

    Played both Diablos prior.

  308. Ashley Dawn Says:

    May I please have a key!!!!!!! ? Please. diablo needs more Chick players…!

  309. mko Says:

    ive never tried any diablo series plz ineed the key 2 expierience the awesome game i heard its super fun ive watching walkthroughs and they r so intresting i need the key 2 play the beta so i can buy it

  310. Morgoth Says:

    Wanna play game just for the hell of it :D

  311. Alex Says:

    I got into Diablo when II came out and was imediately sucked in, been playing off and on for many years now, gotta get a beta key though!!!!

  312. ziemanz Says:

    i ll

  313. penny Says:

    You know the Diablo is very fantastic,I really want a key and share the happy to my firends.

  314. IKilledTeddy Says:

    I remember the relly old days with
    Diablo 1, iv beaten Diablo with my dad, i was mage he was warrior. Awesome days :)

    About Diablo 2 i must admit i liked it but i dident give it some mutch time as Diablo 1.

    Relly looking forward to your Diablo 3, cant wait! please give me a key :D

  315. Lava Says:

    give me a key pls

  316. Jordan K. Says:

    I would like to get a key for the beta cause i cant wait for the game release date

  317. yoteca Says:

    can you please send me a key ?

  318. redfight Says:

    I want a key!!!

  319. Keven Says:

    hey! i cant wait anymore to play this Beta! got top 100 best account to d2.. im addict! i need a key plz!!! AAAHHH beiinngg craaazzyy =D

  320. Keven Says:

    plz make more happy guys and give to everyone free keys!! we all need to play this godly game :D

  321. orthene Says:

    Please send me a key!!

  322. Hyan Says:

    Holy smoke’s!
    Time to plan for vacation!!!
    remember D I & hellfire were fun but DII where mega fun, then v 11 with less dupe ^^
    Feels like its time to do mephrun in DIII if it even exists :P

  323. Luca Says:

    i will love to play the beta! can i have the key plz?

  324. Jpown Says:

    I’m ready to kill some evil forces ;@

  325. Jyinx Says:

    I really need aq key to hack and slash some mobs

  326. Nik Says:

    Hi, first game I ever got into was d2 :-) And I would love to try the new beta.

    Peace kia

  327. Hub&Wife Says:

    Hi i myself grew up on Diablo II and was a big fan when i heard that the third would have beta testing i got excited in that im just getting my wife into gaming and i thought Diablo is a great gateway game currently im in korea in the army. and can find it hard to stay connected with gamers at home, thought maybe if you had a spare 1 or 2 you could send it my way ide love to see my wifes expressions while playing

  328. Jeff Deutschman Says:

    Would love a key if you have any left. :>)

  329. Dwight Shrute Says:

    I demand a key now.

  330. TFlan Says:

    Hello, i was a big fan of diablo 1 and 2 and i am a hardcore wow player, i would like a chance to beta test diablo 3, THANKs

  331. Aleja Thomas Says:

    I would kill to get a beta key *that is, hoping you still have any left* I’ve been an avid Diablo two player.. still playing it! For five years now, I’ve bought eight copys *Keep losing discs, account problems etc* and I finally realized I could just add the CD key to my blizzard account and have a permanent digital download! yay! :)

    But I digress, if you have a key left I’ll beg you for it! :3

  332. jacob blair Says:

    I am in the marine corps and played Diablo 2 LOD all the time. I wish i could get a key to try this game out before it comes out. A couple of my friends were just looking Diablo 3 up and cant wait for it to come out. so i would love to get a key and play it to show it off to everyone here.

  333. murat Says:

    May I please have a key!!!!!!!

  334. Luke McDonald Says:

    If I got a key I would live on it. I would spend my days questing every class over and over again and mapping out item distributions by location, and spend my nights painstakingly searching for bugs by myself to protect the world’s future greatest game of all time from being released with even the most insignificant imperfection. If you are involved with the development of Diablo III or a third party distributing keys with the intent of finding them good homes, your question shouldn’t be whether to give me a beta key, but rather how to get me a beta key as quickly as you possibly can.

  335. Lucian Says:

    Hi guys … i remeber that Diablo make games better and i really wana try new experience of Diablo 3…this will be AWSOME, thx guys

  336. Mario Says:

    hey, how could I get a key ?

  337. Felipe Vieira Says:

    key pleaase *.*

  338. josh Says:

    I am considering Blizzard as my new gaming company; i would love to try out a beta.

  339. Devan Delano Says:

    Diablo II was the bomb a key for the new beta would be great. I wouldnt ever want the opportunity for me to give feedback to go to waste.

  340. Maxxy Says:

    I would love to have a beta key for Diablo 3

  341. L3G3ND-0F-A-K1ND Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a Beta key. Ive been a Diablo fan from the beginning. Probably the biggest fan in Australia. I’ve always had an interest in the demonic and satanic part in religion, and even though I’m atheist, I find it very cool.
    I Know lots about Diablo, the story is very intriguing; from the Dark exile, the Great Conflict, The Sin war, The Horadrim, The Vizjerei, The Angiris council and many others.

    I would really love it if i had the opportunity for a Diablo 3 beta key!!

  342. Sergo Says:

    I just need D3 BETA KEY :)

  343. Lauren Says:

    Me n my girlfriends used to play Diablo 2 all of the time!!! OMG…Itching for D3. If I got a Key I would probably blow up LOL! Seriously all me n my girls will be playing this, Cant Wait

    Please send me a Key. ;)

  344. Billy McCormack Says:

    Hey guys I have been a fan of Diablo for many years and have beat the devil many many times and I am waiting for Diablo III as what I have seen so far is AWESOME!!

  345. Vesa K Says:

    I have played Diablo & Diablo 2 since they were released. Please give me a beta key.

  346. jeff7eyeball Says:

    pls pls pls send me a key me and my dad and play dablo 2 alll the time :)

  347. Rylte Says:

    Key please!

  348. Yiang Says:

    Please can I send me a key? I’m bored and I wanna play it too

  349. Dave Says:

    Would love to get a chance to try out Diablo III as it is one of the most anticipated games. I’ve played diablo 1 and 2 while growing up and have been my favorite games. =) Would love to have a beta key thanks.

  350. IzobilieZla Says:

    I want a key. plz get me a KEY! :)

  351. BrandonCF Says:

    Gotta wanna…. GET SOME!!! This has to be just Unbeleavble for the amount of time thats going into it. I sure it will make everyone satisfaction and that what counts no disappointments, and yes a cd key would be great thx for the game.

  352. Mirjam Says:

    Give me a key :)

  353. jonathan Says:

    The first game I playd was diablo 2 and i love the story,everthing whit it so I would LOVE to get a beta key ^^

  354. whistlebranch Says:

    Would love a key if you have any left. ?

  355. OLgreg Says:

    Can you please send me a key…im dying here lol

  356. brian Says:

    i was a d2 fan for years i thought d3 would never come, pleae email me a beta key, youll make my dreams come true

  357. Death_Angell Says:

    Please send me a key :)

  358. tavy3run Says:

    I would love a beta key if you can send one to me :o 3

  359. Honeck Says:

    my computer is more then capable of running the game. reason enough?
    me <—- key

  360. Pangzorz Says:

    Can u give me a key to play a game? please :)

  361. Nick Says:

    i bought a new computer just to play d3… been playin blizz games ever since warcraft and cant wait to spend countless hours slaughtering demons… if there are any beta keys left, please hand them over… or else i will put a jihad on you

  362. kevin hong Says:

    i bought a new computer just to play d3… been playin blizz games ever since warcraft and cant wait to spend countless hours slaughtering demons… if there are any beta keys left, please hand them over… or else i will put a jihad on you

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