Diablo 3 Beta Has Begun…Beware of Fake Giveaways

Diablo 3 Beta Keys

The Diablo 3 beta has officially begun, and Blizzard has sent out the first wave of beta keys to some lucky participants.  If you opted in to Blizzard’s beta testing program (which is required to qualify for a key) then you can go check your inbox for a key.

If digging through your inbox doesn’t sound like fun, an even safer way to check for your invite is to log into your battle.net account and see if the Diablo 3 Beta shows up under your list of games.

A word of caution.  Blizzard has not yet sent out any promotional beta codes so any site or email claiming to be giving away codes is a fake.  In general, any site that requires you to complete an action like a survey is just a scam,  and right now that extends to any site claiming to be giving away codes at all.  The only way you can get into the beta right now is for Blizzard to activate the game in your battle.net account.

If you didn’t get an invite, don’t jump off a virtual cliff just yet as the invites to the beta have only just begun.  Blizzard will soon be giving away promotional keys to sites like this one to use in contests, and there will be additional people added to the beta by Blizzard over time.  Beta invites have only just begun.

20 Responses to “Diablo 3 Beta Has Begun…Beware of Fake Giveaways”

  1. Jleoric Says:

    = = man….the waiting is killing me. News of beta being given out is making my fingers itch and twitching.

    All i can hear now is *Click click click click click click click* in ma head….

  2. temich080 Says:

    I want to play Diablo III beta

  3. hammermeister Says:

    Would love to try out the beta. Been a diablo fan since first came out for the playtation.

  4. Rasmus Says:

    Hey can i get a key please :)

  5. OurLucidDream Says:

    Me.. Want.. Beta..

  6. consilium Says:

    I had such a great time looking for things that are broken in the Cataclysm beta, I can’t stand not being in this one. Show me some love, Blizz!

  7. tepana Says:

    hello, i would love test this game and write an article about it. i’ve been testing and writed a internet blog about many beta tests :)

  8. joni Says:

    cant wait if i get 1 beta key , i will jump on heaven if i get one ;D

  9. larry Says:

    i to have played Diablo since its first introduction intop the players realm. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on the beta, if possible. I am a Die-Hard fan with r/l followers to back me up. We are waiting ever so patiently. Hurry and get here.

  10. Itorak Says:

    just one SUPER DUPER key…

  11. Hristo Says:

    please can i get a beta key, im begging you

  12. Revo Says:

    I hope to receive a beta key… The Diablo serious was my childhood game that i spent hours playing, and I cannot wait for Diablo 3!!! So Existing!!! All i need now is a key for the Beta. I hope (Fingures Crossed)

  13. Alex Says:

    would very much like to test it!

  14. Diablo 3 Skills Says:

    Hey I created the site Diablo3Skills.net. Since your site is on the D3 Beta would you want to link up our sites? Leave a comment on my site to let me know. Thanks.

  15. arpo Says:

    lol i just recieved a mail in where i have to give my battlenet account and password so i can get the diablo beta key…. hahaha fools

  16. SiMe Says:

    By the Deckard Cains staff, this is an early christmas -If I could be one the lucky ones who would receive the beta-key. In that case, I wouldn’t just lock myself up and play. I would love to make a beta previews and tell about the game as musch as possible through game-sites in my own country (admin in one). There are tons of people crying their eyes out waiting for Diablo III, and I could deliver them something trough my beta-experiences before the real deal arrives! =]

  17. Fannelle Says:

    Please give me a key … wow begin to be boring T_T

  18. Arxachilleus Says:

    One key here also please!!!!

  19. leigh Says:

    why make us suffer, its just not fair, if there is a ww3 it will be because you havnt released d3

  20. anson zeng Says:

    KEY kEY!!

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