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Diablo 3 Beta Open to Everyone


It’s finally here!  If you weren’t lucky enough to get one of the early Diablo 3 Beta invites, you can still get in a week of beta play before Blizzard takes the beta down for good.

Starting today at 3:00pm EST the Diablo 3 Beta is officially open to everyone.  It will continue to be available to everyone through Monday at 1pm EST, at which point it will revert back to full-on early invitees only.  Blizzard will be taking the beta down for good at the end of the month in anticipation of the full game’s upcoming release.  The open beta will let Blizzard do some intense stress testing on the servers while letting you get your fix of the game in.

Here’s how to join the beta:


Recent Entries

Diablo 3 Release Date Announced

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have an official release date for Diablo 3. The game will launch on the PC on May 15th of this year. That’s just a short two months away, though it will likely feel like an eternity.

If you’re one of the many still holding out hope for a diablo 3 beta key don’t give up yet, as there are still more being sent out.  However, it’s nice to know that even if you don’t get your hands on one that the absolute longest you’ll have to wait is two months.

The final tally on the release date puts it at 11 years and 11 months after the release of Diablo 2.  Who had that in the pool?

This release date only applies to the PC version of the game.  A console version may be coming in the future but it’s still a ways off.  We’ll have some more details on that coming soon.

100,000 More Diablo 3 Beta Invites Sent Out

100000 diablo 3 beta invites

This morning, Blizzard sent out 100,000 more Diablo 3 Beta updates to people that have opted in to the Blizzard beta program. So if you’ve signed up, get to checking your inbox ASAP! If you haven’t signed up yet or don’t know how, sign-up for our diablo 3 email updates and we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to opt-in so you can get a key on the next wave of invites.

If you missed it this time don’t worry because more invites will be going out soon.  Blizzard plans to continually send out updates and get as many people into the beta as they can.  If you did get an invite this time, stop reading and start testing!

Diablo 3 Beta Has Begun…Beware of Fake Giveaways

Diablo 3 Beta Keys

The Diablo 3 beta has officially begun, and Blizzard has sent out the first wave of beta keys to some lucky participants.  If you opted in to Blizzard’s beta testing program (which is required to qualify for a key) then you can go check your inbox for a key.

If digging through your inbox doesn’t sound like fun, an even safer way to check for your invite is to log into your battle.net account and see if the Diablo 3 Beta shows up under your list of games.

A word of caution.  Blizzard has not yet sent out any promotional beta codes so any site or email claiming to be giving away codes is a fake.  In general, any site that requires you to complete an action like a survey is just a scam,  and right now that extends to any site claiming to be giving away codes at all.  The only way you can get into the beta right now is for Blizzard to activate the game in your battle.net account.

If you didn’t get an invite, don’t jump off a virtual cliff just yet as the invites to the beta have only just begun.  Blizzard will soon be giving away promotional keys to sites like this one to use in contests, and there will be additional people added to the beta by Blizzard over time.  Beta invites have only just begun.

Watch Diablo 3 Beta Character Creation Footage

YouTube Preview Image

I know I know, you’re really jealous of all those people that got in on the closed or friends and family version of the Diablo 3 beta.

Well, this video isn’t going to help that jealousy, though it may at least help pass the time until the fully open beta that you’ll be able to participate in, which is still on schedule to release this quarter.

While you wait, be sure to check out the footage up above and fill your real life rage meter even more.  The four minute clip contains video of the character creation process as well as some screenshots from some early parts of the beta.  As a nice bonus, when the video ends you’ll be four minutes closer to the date where you get to play the beta yourself.

Beta Still on Track for this Quarter

Diablo 3 Beta on track

There is still no release date for Diablo 3, and because of this Blizzard recently released a statement that their calendar outlook did not include any additional releases through the end of 2011.  This set journalists abuzz to find out if Diablo 3 would in fact not be released by the end of the year.  Blizzard President Mike Morhaime was quick to respond to this and ensure everyone that Blizzard is still trying their best to get the game out this year.  However, readers of this site will find his next words as more exciting, as he continued that gamers would get to play Diablo 3 in some form this year as “Diablo 3 is still on track to go into external testing later this quarter”.

“This quarter” ends on September 30th, meaning that the Diablo 3 beta should be in all your download queues prior to then.

Further, Morhaime wants to assure everyone that the beta isn’t just being used as a publicity demo like some other games have done, and that player feedback will be heavily taken into account during the beta.  He adds that there are so many moving parts to Diablo 3 that there’s just no way to test it all internally, and as a result the public beta will be crucial.  He even gave some hints that part of the reason that no firm release date has been set for the game is that they’re waiting to see what player reaction is to the beta.  They don’t want to commit to a release date and then realize after the beta that there isn’t going to be enough time to fix all those things.

We don’t see the harm in a date though, we’re all used to Blizzard delays anyway.

We’ve Played the Diablo 3 Beta

Diablo 3 Beta Monk

We told you stuff would be happening on August 1st, and that “stuff” was Blizzard letting a select group of folks go hands-on with the Diablo 3 beta.  While they’ve yet to say when everyone else can get their hands on the beta, we’re here to break it down for you and tell you exactly what you’ll be playing when they finally do.

Essentially, the beta consists of the game’s entire 1st act.  It includes all five character classes, as well as a good chunk of quests and side quests that encompass the first act of the game, ending with a battle with the Skeleton King.  The beta will include full-blown online co-op, as well as the complete implementation of the skill system and crafting system.

The skill system is different than it was in Diablo II.  There are no skill trees.  Instead, every time you level up you will gain a new skill, which are broken down into active and passive skills.  However, you won’t be able to use all of them at the same time as you will have a limited number of available “slots” based on what level you are.  For instance, if you’re at level 9, you may have five active skills and four passive skills at your disposal, but only two active skill slots and two passive skill slots to slot them in.  That means the rest of your skills will sit quietly by in your inventory.  You can further modify these skills with runes, which unfortunately you cannot really dig deeply into during the beta, since that really picks up after Act 1 ends.  The good news about the limited skill slots is that you can adjust your skills on the fly, meaning you can experiment with different skill combinations to your heart’s content.

Skeleton King

Speaking of switching things out on the fly, gone are the days of having to trudge back to town in order to sell off or break down all those excess items you’ve got taking up space in your inventory.  Taking a page out of Torchlight’s playbook, Diablo 3 will allow you to exchange your items for gold straight from your inventory via the Cauldron of Jordan, without needing to be near a shop.  Additionally, you can break down the items into raw crafting materials straight from your inventory using the Nephalim Cube, though you will need to venture into town to actually use those crafting materials.

Crafting materials cannot be spent to build specific items like you see in most RPGs.  Diablo 3′s loot system is completely random, and the craft system follows that same lead.  Wyatt Cheng, a technical game designer at Blizzard, likens it to having another chance to get a cool piece of loot.  If you pick up 50 pieces of loot, you may only find four or five that are useful to your character.  You can break the rest down to crafting materials, run them through a random loot creation, and maybe you’ll get another four or five that you find useful.

As you read this post, the idea of customization should not be lost on you.  That is one of the primary focuses of Blizzard with Diablo 3.  Just because two players are playing the same class does not mean their heroes need even resemble each other in any way.  Through the combination of the game’s many skills and runes, a Wizard, traditionally thought of as a ranged support class, can be a melee tank for one player and the aforementioned ranged support unit for another.  The combinations in the full game will be nearly endless, though in the beta they’re a bit limited with runes not getting their full implementation yet.

Arcane Power

We mentioned earlier that the skill tree is gone in Diablo 3.  It’s not the only thing getting the axe.  Also gone is a generalized concept of “mana”.  Sure, mana is still there…but only for the Witch Doctor class.  Wizards run on Arcane Power, Monks run on Spirit, and the Demon Hunter runs on a pair of resources – Hatred for offense, and Discipline for defense.  Each class is meant to be as unique from the others as possible, all the way down to what resources they use to power their attacks, ability, and both offensive and defensive prowess.

That should give you a glimpse into the Diablo 3 beta that you’ll all be able to get your hands on soon, and hopefully it will tide you over.  Keep checking back regularly for updates on when the beta will be released openly for you to get your own hands on!

Diablo 3 Beta Coming Soon?

diablo 3 beta

Blizzard is still being hush hush when it comes to details about the Diablo 3 beta, but that doesn’t stop the internet from discovering things and speculating.

The latest discovery is a Diablo 3 beta icon on battle.net.  This icon can be applied to user’s profiles after they take part in the beta test.  It hasn’t been applied to anyone yet (IE no closed beta testers have it), which means that it must be reserved for open beta testers to be.

As we previously reported, Blizzard has scheduled a press conference for early August to talk about Diablo 3.  The last time Blizzard held a similar event, it was about WoW Cataclysm and it contained an announcement that an open beta would be launching almost immediately.  We would not be at all surprised to see a similar announcement about the Diablo 3 Beta during the August press conference, and we would be shocked if we haven’t all had a taste of Diablo 3 via an open beta prior to September 30th of this year.

But the beta isn’t the only thing that may be coming soon.  The other big question up in the air is when will the full game be released.  Via some leaked schedules at Blizzard, we’ve discovered that the Diablo 3 full game release is still tentatively scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year.  Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime confirmed that the 4th quarter date was still their target, but also made it very clear that the game would not be released before it was ready.  Given Blizzard’s history, we fully expect a delay into next year.  Luckily, the beta should be here to help you pass the time.  Still no word on how the beta keys will be dispersed.

August 1st to Reveal New Diablo 3 Beta Details

Diablo 3 beta keys

If you’re like us and can’t help but track news about the Diablo 3 beta like it’s the most important thing in the world then you’ll want to make sure you’re glued to your computer on August 1st.

You see, towards the end of July Blizzard is hosting a private Diablo 3 Beta conference where they are expected to reveal a motherload of info about the beta.  This will likely include a release date as well as details about PvP, how long the beta will last, what exactly will be available in the beta, and much more (hopefully some Diablo 3 beta keys along with it!).

However, along with this information comes a media embargo that will prevent anyone from releasing these details to the public until August.  Since we’re not going to leave you hanging any longer than we have to, August 1st is the date we are targeting.

You may recall that Blizzard initially said that the beta would take place some time in Q3 of 2011.  That time span begins next week so we technically could have been playing the beta as early as then, but clearly that’s not the case.  We’ll all have to wait until at least August to get our hands on it, and the only thing we can be assured we’ll get in August is some more information which will almost certainly include a release date.  Of course, Blizzard is notorious for their delays so there’s no telling if they’ll make the targeted Q3 2011 date that they predicted several months ago, but at this point things are looking good in that respect, even if it’s twoards the end of Q3.

In the meantime, keep checking back from more info as it becomes available, as smaller details will likely slip out.  Either way though, whatever you do, make sure you’re here on August 1st to feast your eyes on the barrage of new beta news.

Diablo 3 Beta Information Overload

diablo 3 beta


Diablo 3 Beta


Announced on June 28, 2008 at Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational in Paris, Diablo 3 is still yet to receive a proper release date. Regardless of when the full game is to be released, the public beta has been announced to be taking place in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Nearly 12 years after the release of the previous Diablo game, Diablo II, this release somewhat mirrors the long wait for StarCraft 2, which also took more than a decade to produce. As Blizzard is well known for its critically-acclaimed games and patiently loyal fanbase, hopes are high for this third entry into the franchise.


A Short History of Diablo

The original Diablo game had been in development in the early 90′s by a company called Condor Games. This company was bought out by Blizzard in 1996, and was renamed to Blizzard North.

Diablo came out that very same year and met almost universal critical acclaim for its addictive gameplay, unparalleled variety in items, levels, abilities and quests as well as the dark atmosphere, superior graphics and musical score.

Set in the world of Sanctuary, an eternal conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on as a lone hero travels into the depths of hell to eventually battle Diablo himself.

It was also ahead of its time in terms of multiplayer, but was known to be easily hacked by players looking to gain an unfair advantage. An expansion pack developed by a third-party developer named Synergistic Software named Diablo: Hellfire was released in 1997. This expansion added an additional three character classes, as well as secondary explorable dungeons. A Playstation port of the original Diablo came out the year after that.

Diablo II came out in June 29, 2000 and was also extremely popular with fans and critics alike. It won the 2000 Guiness Book of World Records award for being the fastest selling computer game ever sold, with more than 1 million units sold in the first two weeks of availability.

Diablo II continues where the first game leaves off, as the unnamed warrior who had vanquished Diablo becomes possessed by the demon himself. As the new threat arises, the new player must combat the new threat through a variety of new classes with many different abilities.

An expansion for the sequel was also released, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction it added two new classes, an additional fifth act, as well as many new items, weapons, and armor.

The collected edition of the first and second Diablo games and their expansion were compiled into Diablo: Battle Chest and continue to be sold in retail stores, appearing on the NPD Group’s top 10 PC games sales list as recently as last year.


Betas: Public and Private

Considered a form of external or consumer-level user acceptance testing, beta testing comes after alpha testing, and are released to a limited audience outside of the programming team. The software is released to specific groups of people as development is in progress but contains the functionality of a complete version to ensure the product has few faults or bugs.

Beta versions are made available either to a selected group of individuals as a closed beta or as an open beta, which is open to the public to increase the feedback field to a maximal number of future users.

Regardless of being an open or closed beta, the primary goal of any beta test is the reporting any bugs that they find, and sometimes suggest additional features that testers feelshould be made available in the final version or full game.

A semi-open beta is where potential users are chosen publicly, but usually at a limited number and at random. Back in 2000, Blizzard announced the open beta for Diablo II just before the game was released only two months later. Starcraft II went into open beta for about 3-5 months before being released in July 27, 2010.


How to Obtain a Key for the Diablo III Semi-Open Beta

Activision-Blizzard stated on May 9, 2011 that internal testing for Diablo III had already been underway for a week, and that the beta shall commence in the third quarter of that year.

Obtaining a Diablo 3 Beta Key starts with enrolling onto Blizzard’s Battle.net account, which is used to play other Blizzard games such as Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft on official Blizzard servers. You must log in and find the Account Summary page, and to the right of that will be the Beta Profile settings. Simply add Diablo 3 to the list and update the preferences.

It should automatically update the profile with your PC system specifications, as beta testing to a public capacity is also used to gauge the performance of the game on different kinds of systems. When this happens, you now have to wait and hope that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen for the beta testing phase.

Beta related scams should be watched out for as the closed beta date comes closer. Opening an email that says that you have been chosen for the closed beta should be verified by simply logging onto your battle.net account and seeing if you have been selected for the closed beta or not.

Regardless if you have been chosen or not, there may still be hope: Open beta tests ran after the closed betas on most of the early Blizzard games such as Diablo II. Starcraft 2 did not have an open beta phase but due to the large following the game had, the closed beta participants were extremely great in numbers.